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“Working with Phil was great.”  
 Khloe Kardashian


“Phil is the best trainer on the west coast”
Emanuel Stewart


“What Phil teaches you stays with you for life.”
Bob Dylan


“Phil is the best. He motivates you like no other and makes you challenge yourself.”
Brian McKnight

Phil and Deontay Wilder

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Phil works with beginners to top level professional fighters to get the body and skills you dream of. Compete at the highest level. Get your body and mind in amazing shape and learn how to protect yourself as a bonus.

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Owner, Philip Paolina (pronounced pow-ah-lee-nuh), was born in Brooklyn, and grew up in Queens, the son of an Italian American longshoreman and a housewife. A natural athlete, young Phil excelled at virtually every sport he tried, including football, baseball, basketball, and . . . boxing. By his early 20’s he was already the veteran of more than a dozen amateur fights and was running his own candy and stationary store while preparing for a pro career.

Phil has over 30 years in the fight game, with over 40 fights under his belt, and is one of the most sought after trainers in the business. Pro-boxers, celebrities, and everyday people come to “Phil’s Pace” to get it right.



Group classes as well as private and semi-private training.

Phil’s private and semi-private sessions include learning to keep your balance, the art of shadow boxing, creating your own sense of style on the heavy bag, developing those abdominal muscles, and learning to master the speed bag and double-end bag.

Based on what your goals may be Phil will design a workout specifically for you.

You will lose weight and feel great while you learn to protect yourself, build more confidence, focus and increase your endurance!

For more information regarding pricing on private, semi-private, and group classes pick up the phone and call!

“Phil is the best trainer on the West coast.” – Emanuel Stuart (HBO commentator, Hall of Fame trainer / manager

Jeff-Fenech-private-fitness-trainer-boxing-calabasas-topanga“Phil’s the best boxing trainer I’ve ever seen, and I’ve worked with everyone.” – Jeff Fennich (Former two time world champion)

TV actor Holt McCallany trained with Phil for his co-starring role in the cable movie “Tyson”.
Bob Dylan – What Phil teaches you, you will take with you for life. I won three grammies the year I was working with Phil. I never won a grammy before. Phill will get you focused.
In 1992 “Animal Instinct”, a short documentary about Paolina, was shown at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah.  Director Gary Fleder followed Paolina off and on for several years.